Elective seminar

Elective Seminar Categories (Selection Recommendation)
You are allowed to select 6 seminars total, 2 seminars each day for the three day period (entire GKYM conference is 5 days).

We have added keywords (categories) after each seminar description to guide you in your selections.

Here are descriptions of some of the important categories:

Mission Perspective These seminars will give you an overall introduction to world missions.
Mission Strategy

These seminars will deal with specific mission strategies for today's world missions. The seminars will be given by missionaries, pastors, and professors based on their experiences and study on the mission field.

UUPG These seminars focus on missions to the unreached, unengaged people groups (UUPG), and highlights GKYM's UUPG direction and vision.
Business as Mission These seminars will focus on the financial aspect of missions as well as getting involved in missions as a working professional. This seminar is recommended for young adults interested in financially committing to world missions as well as those who are working professionals.
History These seminars will focus on God's redemptive history for global missions, looking at it from both a biblical and historical perspective. It will present the history of world missions specifically in connection with the Korean Church and the Korean Diaspora.
GKYM Leadership These seminars are recommended for those wishing to get involved with the GKYM movement as core-members or as staff. They will prepare and train you to serve the conference as well as the global missions movement.
GMission Field These seminars will present different mission fields and mission testimonies/reports by pastors and missionaries.
Women in Missions These seminars share the role of women in world missions today.
Church and Missions These seminars proclaim the absolute importance of the church's call and role to world missions. It will also deal with church mobilization and the present church's missional paradigm for world mission.
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