*Evening Session Only Pass* 4 Nights/$100
Click the links below for register day and evening pass.
  • Youth CLOSED
  • Kids CLOSED

*Online registration can also be found under the Registration tab. For detailed registration information including fee info CLICK HERE

  1. Determine the type of registration suitable for you and click on the appropriate links for online registration:

    • Regular Participants
      1. Ages 18 and up/college students and English-speaking adults CLICK HERE
      2. Youth (Ages 13-17) CLICK HERE
      3. Kids (Ages 7-12)CLICK HERE
      4. KWMC (Ages 30+ and/or Korean-speaking adults) – register at

    • Pastors (including pastors’ spouse) CLICK HERE
  2. Offline Registration

  3. CLICK HERE for offline registration form (please, choose appropriate form).

    Fill out the form.  Scan the form(s) and e-mail to and call 847-347-7241 or 551-486-0100 and submit credit card information.  You can also fax the form(s) to 866-877-6781.

    You can also mail the form(s) to Chicago GKYM PO Box 856 Northbrook, IL 60062 along with payment by USD check or money order payable to “GKYM USA”.

  4. Refund
  5. Refund: We ask that you carefully review your form and our registration conditions.
    Please note that we are unable to provide any refunds.
    Your registration fees will contribute towards this mission movement as donations. Thank you.

  6. Waive Form
  7. The following are Waiver Form for the regular attendees for GKYM. All attendees must sign the waiver forms with no exception and bring it with them to GKYM.
    WAIVER FORM Click Here
    Kids WAIVER FORM Click Here
    Youth WAIVER FORM Click Here

1. Bring Your Passport If you are coming from Canada or abroad, your passport is needed in crossing into the US border (by flight or car).
2. Who Can Register? Regular Participants: Ages 18 and up / college students
*Limited to first 2500 registrants

GKYM Youth: Ages 13-17
*Limited to first 500 registrants

GKYM Kids: Ages 7-12
*Limited to first 200 registrants

Ages 3-6: Daycare provided by KWMC (

Participants with children under 3 years old must supervise them. GKYM and KWMC cannot provide care.

Volunteers: *Limited to first 100 trained applicants

Staff: *Limited to first 100 trained applicants

Pastors/Pastors' Spouse: *can register at a special rate as listed below

Speakers/VIP: If you are a speaker for Chicago GKYM, please register online.

There is no registration fee for speakers.
3. Registration Fee *Registration fee includes meals, but not accommodation

Regular Participants
  1. By May 30 ($200 USD)
  2. By June 30 ($250 USD)
  3. By July 23 ($300 USD)
GKYM Youth
  1. By May 30 ($150 USD)
  2. By June 30 ($175 USD)
  3. By July 23 ($200 USD)
  1. By May 30 ($100 USD)
  2. By June 30 ($125 USD)
  3. By July 23 ($150 USD)
$150 USD (*includes accommodations)

$150 USD (*does not include accommodations)

$150 USD (*does not include accommodations)

Regular Participants $80/DAY (INCLUDES MEALS)
*Evening Session Only Pass* 4 Nights/$100
Click the links below for register day and evening pass. For Working Professionals who cannot attend the entire conference, they can purchase Evening Sessions Only Pass. Passes offer access to all four evening sessions. Does not include meals.

*For the Register, download the form. Click Here  Please email it to

The fee can be paid online through credit card payment (PayPal) or via mail by check or money order payable to "GKYM USA".
*Please note that we do not accept Canadian checks, if you are registering offline from Canada, please send in a money order payable to "GKYM USA".

Note: You may run into problems when paying for more than one registrant using one credit card.
If there is any inconvenience, please follow these steps:

  1. First, download offline registration forms: Click Here Fill out the forms and fax to 866-877-6781 or scan and email to
  2. Then call 847-347-7241 or 551-486-0100 (or 647-969-7729 in Canada) to make payment by submitting your credit card information.

*Please note that there are no refunds for registration except for excusable circumstances.

*You cannot replace a registrant with someone else.

*If there is an online registration error where you have not received electronic receipt from PayPal or the payment was not taken out of your credit card, you have to register again. Please, contact Chicago GKYM if you encounter any trouble.

*Accommodations are on your own. Chicago GKYM will provide some hotels at good rates, but you must reserve on your own.

*Transportation is also on your own. Chicago GKYM will provide shuttles from airport (ORD) as well as bus/train terminals in Chicago. As for hotels, Chicago GKYM will provide shuttles to and from hotels which we designate for special rate (See InfoàAccommodation).
4. Avoid Duplicate Registration Please make sure you do not register both via online and via mail. For those registering as staff/volunteers, please do not go through regular registration, but go through staff/volunteer registration.
5. Registration for Pastors and Pastors' Spouse All pastors and pastor's spouses attending the conference benefits from special flat rate registration fee of $150. To register online as pastors or pastors' spouses, you must use staff/volunteer registration form, please follow the following directions.

  1. Go to the Staff/Volunteer & Pastors Registration or Please, click here for Registration for Pastors.
  2. Fill out your information, and select "Pastor" for Department.
  3. Complete registration by clicking "Registration" at the bottom of the page, you will be directed to payment page afterwards.
  4. Upon payment approval, your registration will be complete.
*Registration fee includes ONLY MEALS, it does NOT include accommodation.
6. Church Group Check in Since accommodations are not part of the registration fee, there is no group registration for Chicago GKYM. Therefore, when you come to the conference, everyone needs to check-in individually. If you want to do a church group check-in on the day of the conference, you must do offline registration by sending us forms and payment together with a list of people from the same church. Everyone else must do individual check-in on the day of the conference. Group check-in is only for church groups with minimum 20 people attending.
7. Booth Applications Booths will be available for organizations to reach out and inform participants about its organization. Booth application fee is $500. There are additional charges for meals and accommodations. Currently, booth application is only accepted through offline. If you are interested in applying for a booth, please contact Chicago GKYM.
Click Here for Booth Application Form
8. Staff/Volunteer Registration
Please refer to the Info Staff/Volunteer Registration. Click Here
*Purpose*: To worship God through our many talents, skills, and gifts.

We are looking for any GKYM attendees who are interested in doing a special performance during the weeklong conference. Those who are interested are asked to submit an email of interest along with a short description of the performance. This can range from skits, songs, poetry, and even dance routines.

We are asking that all performances be God-centered, and preferably relating to this year's theme of "Beautiful Feet for all Nations" Romans 10:15.

There will be an official screening in June by GKYM staff. If you are not from the Chicagoland area, please send us a video or audio clip of the performance.

*Confirmation and scheduling of your performance will be emailed early July. *

*Contact Information*
Sarah Park Email :
Registration Inquiry
Please check our FAQ page for more questions and answers or contact us at: Tel: 847-347-7241 or 551-486-0100(U.S), 647- 969-7729(Canada)
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